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Lauren Duffield

I am a world traveller.

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.
Howard Zinn

about me


I have volunteered in majority of the countries that I have visited. Not London. I was there for 6 days and basically just slept and took pictures with telephone booths, pretending I was Hermione Granger breaking into the Ministry of Magic…

South Africa

Sep – Nov, 2012

I taught (aka babysat) some adorable 3 year olds at a preschool in Manamani Village, Thohoyandou South Africa. This allowed the current teacher to go to University in the afternoons so that she could upgrade her education without losing hourly wages. I lived with a local family, played soccer with the church boys, and cooked over a fire with the women. I truly love my family and friends in Manamani and will go back to see them as often as I can. (See ‘Big Dreamer’)

Coimbatore, South India

Sep 28 – Oct 6, 2018 (who goes to India for a week?!)

This opportunity came through Remote Year partnering with Boehringer Ingelheim. Twenty participants were selected to go to the KKID volunteer campus for Innovation Week, focusing on the ‘Making More Health’ project. The campus is located close to many rural villages and we did a lot of field trips; local micro-enterprises, textile manufacturers, an old age home,  schools and hospitals. In 5 groups of 4, we created a ‘go-to-market strategy’ for a local soap business concept.  The concepts we were pitching had to focus on ‘agile innovation’ and ‘bottom of the pyramid strategies’. We presented to a panel of judges and my group came in 2nd.

Did you know?

In India, approximately two million children (under the age of 5), die per year from the lack of adequate hygiene? I did not know this. It takes a couple of minutes to sink in.

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big dreamer

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs

“I want to disrupt business as we know it. Bake [social & environmental] impact into every business model; don’t use it as icing. People. Planet. Profit.”

Lauren Duffield

After returning home from South Africa in 2012, I knew I had to take some sort of action and help the children at Manamani Preschool. I knew how far the Canadian dollar would go to fix the lack of basic health care for these happy kids.

I started a Fundraiser known as Money for Mani – with the goal to raise money to cover the health care costs for 100 preschool children for 1 year. People could sponsor one child’s healthcare for an entire year, for $100 (3 doc visits + meds) … or pay for a single doctors visit for one child for $35.
Leveraging the amazing community where I grew up (Burlington, ON), and thanks to the support of my friends, family, and local sponsors; we raised just over $16,000 in 2012.

I went back to Manamani Village in 2014 to see the results from M4M round one, and my heart grew 3 sizes.  Not to mention, South Africa as a whole is definitely the BEST country. Later that year we raised another $12,000 to keep the doctors’ visits going.

I have long term goals to set up a permanent Money for Mani Charity. I want to bring family and friends back to South Africa to help the children of Manamani thrive.

“Cool, Tell me more!”

world traveler


June 2017 – June 2018 I traveled with Remote Year Earhart  group and it was the best and most challenging year of my life. We travelled through Europe, South East Asia and Latin America..

Remote Year brings together groups of inspiring professionals to travel, live, and work remotely in different cities around the world for 12 months.

30 countries and counting…


During Remote Year, I represented my group as the Positive Impact Committee Leader. I was in charge of coordinating our monthly volunteer projects and encouraging everyone to participate!

The summer before University I was a camp counsellor at the YMCA. It was my first ‘9-5’ job and I was really good at it. Kids love me.


I’m 31 years old.

I was kicked out of University after my first year, and had to take two courses online and earn above 70% to get back in. My Dad made me take two college courses at the same time. Good parenting; I got back in and graduated three years later with honours and a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

I’m Canadian and I cannot ice skate…


3 words, 1 hashtag; #AttitudeofGratitude


How does Harry Potter get down a hill?


J.K. Rolling

the journey


Technology. Environment. Innovative. Management.

Our mission is to show the world that every organization has the responsibility and power to create positive social and environmental change.

TEIM Services:

  • Impact Strategy (Corporation Social Innovation; CSI)
  • Certified B Corporation Strategy, Preparation and Execution
  • Business Coaching
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Business Development

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TEIM-work makes the world a better place –

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TEIM Project One: 2015-2018

LED Lighting Savings Program for commercial buildings in Ontario. TEIM was a very, very small fish, in a large pond. I had a lighting supplier and outsourced a team of electricians. I completed the government rebate applications, making TEIM a one-stop-shop for an LED lighting upgrade. Chapter closed. There used to be a website with more information but it has now changed to this one! Let’s just say if you need LED bulbs for a commercial building, I can get you a good deal…

fall 2016

Started consulting work for xocial.

winter 2014

Quit full time customer service job to work on TEIM full time and waitress in the evenings to pay the bills.

In the beginning, ‘working on TEIM’ was A LOT of research and cold calls and emails being ignored…and Facebook posts. I had no idea what I was doing..


Incorporated TEIM Empowered Inc. right after graduating even though I had no distinct product or service – I just knew I wanted to save the world and have my own company.

fall 2008 – summer 2016


Turtle Jacks wings with New York butter sauce are the best chicken wings you will ever taste. And the Tin Cup burger, from the Tin Cup, is the best hamburger you will ever taste. Waitressing was a huge part of my life and evolving work ethic, and I am grateful for the amazing friendships that I made along the way.

xocial is an online gaming platform that conditions, measures and inspires acts of impact. We do this through targeted campaigns and challenges. Challenges are designed with “XP” points based on the time and effort it takes to complete (pick up trash 5XP vs. give blood 60XP). These XP points then filter up to an individual or organizations “XO” score. XO = social impact score.

What does xocial do better than any other app? Impact Gamification.

Check out xocial use-cases here.

#RewardsforDoingGood @rewardsfordoinggood

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As an emerging start up at a tipping point to major growth, I am so grateful to work with this team.

Remember, you heard about it from LD first…

What’s your xo?

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formal education

  • Graduated High school in 2007.
  • Bachelor of Commerce – University of Guelph 2007-2011.
  • Corporate Social Innovation Certification – Babson College Summer 2018.
  • Tony Robbins Business Mastery – January 2020
  • Knowledge Broker Certificate (Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi) – May 2020


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